10 Ways To Make Kids Love Reading

Sometimes it can be tough getting your child to read. For children, reading should be fun, and if they don’t see it as such, they might resist you getting them to read. Here are some tips we have put together to help you get your child to read.

1. Make books easily accessible: Always have books around at home. That way, your child can always pick up a book when in the mood to read.

2. Join a library: Get your child enrolled in a library and visit the library often, child in tow. A good library can offer a good selection of books, at least one of which might appeal to your child.

3. Get to know their interests and select books accordingly. If trains interest your child, get a book with trains in it. The format doesn’t really matter at this stage, so any kind of book will do, as long as it holds your child’s attention.

4. All kinds of books are good. All genres too. Any kind of reading is good, so it really doesn’t matter if its magazines, or comics, or books, or leaflets your child is reading from.

5. Make time. Establish a routine. Perhaps before going to bed? Or first thing after breakfast? See what works for you and for your child.

6. Let your books be colourful and vibrant. Sometimes it is the small things that attract your child. You could be reading about a fairy, but it might be the colourful butterfly in her garden that attracts your child.

7. Rhyme and repetition. Similarly choose books that have poems and rhymes, or sing-along songs. Some kids prefer those and it helps them remember certain words.

8. Ask questions. Get your child engaged with the story-telling. Challenge them to think what might have caused a certain thing to happen, or what might come next. Let your child be immersed in the story.

9. Read favourites often. If your child seems to like a particular book, read it often. That book is what might trigger a love for reading. Get similar books if they are available, or other books featuring the same characters.

10. Read yourself. We conclude by asking parents and others who spend time with the kid to read themselves. Kids look for examples, and you could inculcate in them a love for reading by constantly reading yourself.

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