A Green History of the World: The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations (Used)


Author: Clive Ponting

9780140176605 | PB | pp. 432 | 1993 | Penguin Books | Used

A Green History of the World by Clive Ponting describes the repeated cycle of prosperity, growth and collapse of human beings due to resource exploitation.

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Why did Rome fall? Historian Clive Ponting demonstrates in this important book that the answer has urgent relevance for our modern global civilization. The Roman empire, ever expanding in population and ever evolving in technological complexity, finally exhausted its bountiful natural resources and experienced an ecological breakdown that doomed the society. Ponting shows how the story is repeated throughout human history and all over the globe, from Sumeria to ancient Egypt to pre-Columbian North America to tiny Easter Island: Human beings prosper by exploiting the earth’s resources until those resources can no longer sustain the society’s population, which leads to the decline and eventual collapse of that society. Provocative and rich in illuminating detail, sanely and calmly argued, A Green History of the World forces us to view the nature of history with new eyes.


Clive Ponting







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United States of America

About the Author

Clive Ponting was a senior British civil servant and historian. He was an Honorary Research Fellow in residence at University College, Swansea, in the United Kingdom. He has written several works of history, including 1940: Myth and Reality.


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