A Girl Named Indie


Author: Kavita Daswani

9780143330530 | PB | pp. 189 | 2007 | Puffin Books

A Girl Named Indie by Kavita Daswani tells the story of a young girl who dreams to being a fashion journalist.

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When fifteen-year-old fashion junkie Indie announces that she is going to baby-sit fashion magazine editor Aaralyn Taylor’s toddler, her parents are horrified. Indie is nothing like the other ‘Indira Gandhi’, nor is she like the holier-than-thou daughters of her parents’ friends. Living in suburban Los Angeles, all she has ever wanted is to be a fashion journalist, much to her parents’ bewilderment. Seriously, she can talk at length about Donna Karan’s signature look or the essential elements of London street chic, and pick a Helmut Lang tee from among several others. Her immediate dream is an internship at Aarlayn’s magazine Celebrity Style, but she will settle for anything close—even baby-sit Aaralyn’s mischievous two-year-old. Three weekends into her job, Indie discovers that every month Celebrity Style is mysteriously losing its exclusive news to a rival website called gossipaddict.com, and the usually haughty Aaralyn is losing credibility, money, and her cool. A do-or-die meeting is fixed with potential buyers of the magazine in Milan, where Indie accompanies Aarlayn and Kyle. Through happy accident and dollops of resourcefulness, the quick-thinking Indie not only gets a scoop that rescues the magazine from total wipeout, but also finds out who has been pilfering information from right under Aaralyn’s pretty nose. But by now it’s time for Indie to keep her promise to her parents to go to India, like a good desi girl. Will she? Won’t she? Follow Indie’s roller-coaster fortunes up and down the glitzy, tricky ramp of fashion and news in this perky story about how flair and fortitude can make a wish come true.


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About the Author

Kavita Daswani is an Indian-American author. All three of her novels deal with the Indian practice of arranged marriages, and features heroines that refuse to go along with tradition.


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