Mayil Will Not Be Quiet


Authors: Niveditha Subramaniam, Sowmya Rajendran

9788181468550 | PB | pp. 104 | 2011 | Tulika Publishers

Written in the form of a diary, take a spontaneous, sensitive, honest, intimate and often hilarous peek into Mayil’s life. Where she presents sketches of various people dear to her and makes sense of the dilemmas her adolescence presents to her.

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Meet Mayil Ganeshan, 12 going on spirited 13, who finally has her chance to say all she wants. But the diary for her is also an important step towards becoming ‘Mayilwriter’, to make up for all the stories she hasn’t completed and the novel that didn’t know where it was going. So she begins. What she gives is a spontaneous, sensitive, honest, intimate and often hilarious peek into the life and mind of an insightful young girl. The Mayil that emerges is as lovable and recognisable as the delightful sketches she presents of her Amma, Appa, brother, grandfather and friends. Mayil has all the confusion and confidence of adolescence as she faces the everyday dilemmas of young people, as well as questions of gender stereotyping all around – from Ramayana stories to Rajnikanth movies. With enough to keep head, heart and funny bone tickled and happy, this is a must-read coming of age book by two highly talented young writers that will strike a chord with all who read it – pre-teen, teen and older.


Niveditha Subramaniam, Sowmya Rajendran




Tulika Publishers





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About the Authors

The authors met each other in college. They judged each other instantly and happily discovered how right and how wrong each was. They share common interests in fat cats, children’s books, gender, and absurdity.


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