Emperor Vikramaditya


Author: Adity Kay

9789350095676 | PB | pp. 384+xvi | 2019 | Hachette India

Love, family home – Chandra has sacrificed all at the altar of duty. A difference of opinion creates friction between the two Gupta brothers. When a enemy unlike any before challenges their might. Chandra must overcome his demons to become King Vikramaditya.

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India, seventh century CE. Peace reigns in the kingdom of Magadha, under the reign of Emperor Samudragupta. New alliances are made every day, trade and the arts flourish, and Chandra – the emperor’s second son – leads his father’s horse across the length of Bharatvarsha, cementing the king’s influence by performing the Ashwamedha yagna. But there is trouble brewing in Chandra’s mind. Duty-bound as he is to follow the wishes of Samudragupta’s successor, Ramagupta, his elder brother, who is well-trained in the shastras and has the unmitigated support of the Pataliputra court, Chandra wrestles constantly with his brother’s decisions – decisions that he believes are inimical to the stability of the empire. As Chandra struggles to obey, he must find answers that will decide the future of his kingdom – especially as an enemy unlike any the Guptas have ever known begins to challenge their might. This is the story of a youth who must fight the gravest battles both within and without if he is to become one of the greatest emperors ever known. This is the story of Vikramaditya.


Adity Kay




Hachette India





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About the Author

The author’s other bestselling historical fiction titles include Emperor Harsha and Emperor Vikramaditya. She has nurtured a secret love for history all through her years of working as an editor in a magazine, a human resources professional and a management consultant. She has lived in various places in India and has been as much of a border-crosser in her career as a writer, writing editorials, essays, stories for children and books for older readers across genres. Her eclectic reading in history – across non-fiction and fiction – has led to her fascination with the varied possibilities of times past and has also served as an impetus for her to travel to long-ago worlds, if only through fiction.


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