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Author: Devi Yesodharan

9789386228376 | HB | pp. 336 | 2017 | Juggernaut

The gripping saga of a Greek woman warrior serving the king of the Chola Empire.

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The gripping saga of a Greek woman warrior serving the king of the Chola Empire.

Twelve-year-old Aremis becomes a prisoner of war after the pirate ship she was on is captured by the Chola army. Over the next few years in Nagapattinam, Aremis (referred to as the Yavani or the ‘foreign one’) acclimatises herself to the Chola kingdom’s cultural norms but remains an outsider. As a trained warrior, her archery skills win her a coveted position as the personal bodyguard of the king.

When the king’s wife returns after she was presumed dead years ago, Anantha, the ageing and weary commander of the Chola armies is convinced that the woman is an imposter. He takes Aremis into his confidence believing the king’s life is in danger. Together they uncover the conspiracy and plot the Empire’s battle against the Cholas’ vassals, the Srivijayans.


Devi Yesodharan







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About the Author

Devi Yesodharan was born in 1980 in Kollam, Kerala. She grew up in the Middle East and changed schools six times, because of her parents' frequent moves. "If anything shaped my worldview and my writing, it is not having had the opportunity to grow roots, and always being the new kid in town." She tried to build bridges with people by telling stories, always attempting a narrative out of a fragmented life - one that made sense to her. Perhaps that is one of the reasons the main character in Empire, Aremis, is a migrant. "Her need to belong, her striving and her homesickness, are all very familiar." Yeshodharan loves art and is a fan of the American painter Georgia O'Keefe. She has always had a day job, partly because she feels she wouldn't manage the writing if she had to face it every day alone with no interruptions. She lives in Bangalore and works as a co-founder on Trendlyne, a financial investing platform. This is her first novel.


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