144 Hours In Prison – An Arabian Saga (MOBI)

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Author: Manish Khanna

9789383175574 | MOBI | 2013 | CinnamonTeal Publishing

144 Hours in Prison: An Arabian Saga describes the harrowing ordeal of Romi, wrongly accused of a crime he has hardly committed.

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144 Hours in Prison: An Arabian Saga by Manish Khanna describes the harrowing ordeal of Romi, wrongly accused of a crime he has hardly committed. As he comes to terms with his incarceration and the accompanying humiliation, Romi is left pondering how things could go so horribly wrong and how freedom might be attained. Read this book, based on true incidents, to know how Romi survives his time behind bars.

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Manish Khanna





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CinnamonTeal Publishing



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About the Author

Having been born in a middle-class household of Delhi, Manish Khanna lived a relatively uneventful life. He climbed the corporate ladder and is now a senior management professional of a large organization based in Dubai. Considered among peers and friends as an ’emotionally intelligent’ person, he has a keen eye for the more aesthetic aspects of routine events in life and their philosophical interpretation. His extra-curricular interests include writing, commenting on current events, initiating socially relevant activities and music. His next book is a commentary on the socioreligious fabric of India and its relevance for an Indian expatriate.


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