Yes… That’s Chinky!


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9788190994408 | Paperback | 56 | 2022 | Learning Spheres

Yes... That's Chinky! by Rajshree Bandodkar Karapurkar tells the story of an ant who is curious about various natural phenomena and the science behind them.

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Author: Rajshree Bandodkar Karapurkar

9788190994408 | PB | pp. 56 | 2022 | Learning Spheres

Yes… That’s Chinky! by Rajshree Bandodkar Karapurkar tells the story of an ant who is curious about various natural phenomena and the science behind them.

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Yes… That’s Chinky! expands on our award winning konkani book titled ‘Chitkulya Chinkichye Vishal Vishwa’. The main character ‘Chinky’ is an inquisitive baby ant.

in her journey of life, Chinky is blessed to have her mother’s guidance at every step.

Their interesting conversations vary from science behind the natural phenomenon of rain, interesting discussions on a few environmental issues, to the understanding of ants and their lifestyles.

Lovable little chinky is always curious to know more about the secrets hidden in Nature.

Mother scientifically explains to Chinky the processes involved in the water cycle in nature viz condensation, vaporization, formation of water droplets and the clouds that float in the sky and of course, ‘Ah…the rain!’

This journey of Chinky together with her loving mother’s insightful thinking helps chinky in shaping her life with positive outlook.

Importance of parental guidance, developing scientific temper, the love for Nature-Science and to awaken the responsibility towards Mother Earth make this book a valuable resource in the teaching-learning process.

The captivating colourful illustrations and engaging dialogues bring alive the main character Chinky and her dream world.

Readers of ages 8 and up will enjoy reading science in an interesting way.


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About the Contributors

The author has authored several interactive, child friendly Popular Science books and created informative animation films for children in Konkani, Marathi, English. A physics teacher by profession, she is passionate about writing on nature and science and educating the general public on important social issues.


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