Abhijnanashakuntalam: The Recognition of Shakuntala (Used)


Author: Kalidasa
Translated by Vinay Dharwadker

9780143441250 | PB | pp. 384 | 2016 | Penguin Random House India | Used

Abhijnanashakuntalam is a verbal-visual poetry based on an episode in the Mahabaratha. That of love between Shakuntala and Dhushyanta.

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Kalidasa’s most famous play refashions an episode from the Mahabharata, magnificently dramatizing the love story of Shakuntala, a girl of semi-divine origin, and Dushyanta, a noble human king. After their brief and passionate but secret union at her father’s forest ashram, Dushyanta must return to his capital. He gives Shakuntala his signet ring, promising to make her his queen when she joins him later. But, placed unawares under a curse, he forgets her–and she loses the ring that would have enabled him to recognize her. Will the lovers be reunited?

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Translator: Vinay Dharwadker







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Penguin Random House India




Used, excellent condition

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About the Author

Kalidasa, perhaps the most extraordinary of India’s classical poets, composed seven major works: three plays, two epic poems and two Iyric poems. According to legend, he lived at the end of the fourth century, and was one of the ‘nine jewels’ in the court of the Gupta king Chandragupta II. Although very little is known about his life, Kalidasa’s popularity has endured for centuries.

Vinay Dharwadker is professor of comparative literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, author of Kabir: The Weaver’s Songs (2003), and an editor of The Oxford Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry (1994) and The Norton Anthology of World Literature (2012). Most recently, he co-translated Mohan Rakesh’s One Day in the Season of Rain with his wife, Aparna Dharwadker.


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