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Poet: Manohar Shetty

9788194877295 | HC | pp. 90 | 2023 | Copper Coin

Borderlines, by Manohar Shetty, “claims our attention with a hard-won quietness that is meditative, retrospective and elegiac.”

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“Manohar Shetty’s poems have always been exquisitely sensitive to the presence of animals in our lives and our imagination, their proximity to us and yet also their mysteriousness. In his new collection, Borderlines, too, we encounter elephants and cobras, leopards and hawks, penguins and bats—and recognise ourselves, through the poet’s tender attentiveness, to be their fellow tenants of this planet. We are as vulnerable as they are, and not the sovereign species we have come to believe ourselves to be. Not that this delusion does not make an appearance in these adroitly crafted and finely phrased poems: Shetty demonstrates a shrewd familiarity with humankind’s fictions about itself. Hubris, flamboyance, the desire to conform, the rampant greed of states and corporations, politicised religiosity — Shetty skewers all these social and political foibles with wicked humour and pensive wisdom. Borderlines claims our attention with a hard-won quietness that is meditative, retrospective and elegiac. And yet, through oblique means that are far more effective than slogans, this book also summons us to action, to protect rivers rendered toxic, to restore fields mauled by mining, to repair social relationships damaged by rapacity. Manohar Shetty’s poetry has the power and resonance of the true witness.”
– Ranjit Hoskote


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About the Poet

Manohar Shetty (born 1953) is a Goa-based poet considered one of the prominent Indian poets writing in the English language.


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