The Dictionary of Flowers (Hardcover)


Author: Hariny Ahana
Illustrated by Rohit Bhasi

9789387676961 | HB | pp. 80 | 2021 | CinnamonTeal Publishing

Reading this book is more like getting to know a person. Slowly, very slowly, the rough puzzle pieces fit together as they tell you the things that aren’t apparent about them.

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Starting off with a very light and colourful piece, reading this book is more like getting to know a person. The exchange of pleasantries in the beginning, the pretty conversations you end up having over coffee, the sudden insights you gain from being with them during moments that get too real. Slowly, very slowly, the rough puzzle pieces fit together as they tell you the things that aren’t apparent about them. Things they could never admit to themselves but somehow find it natural to share with you.

After all of this, after you get to know the person as a whole with their beauty, cracks, longings, secrets and darkness, they are still around you.

Hopeful. Vulnerable. With every guard down.

Waiting for you to make the choice on how you feel about them. And that is what the Dictionary of Flowers will do to you. Stay with you until you get to know it completely.

And wait. And wait for you to make your final choice.


Hariny Ahana
Illustrated by Rohit Bhasi





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CinnamonTeal Publishing





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About the Contributors

Hariny is a 21 year old writer who grew up amidst the thriving Dravidian culture and ancient temples in the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Honours from Miranda House College, University of Delhi. Her work has been published in literary magazines and anthologies such as the Verse of Silence, the Intersect Journal and The Open Culture Collective.
She is fascinated with the darkness in every fairy tale, mythology and the ancient stories that are interwoven with temples and crumbling castles. Her love for writing began many years ago, with an old library copy of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and a bowl of spicy red cauliflower fries.
She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Newcastle University, UK. When there is no writing for the day, she can be found lost between the pages of fresh hardcovers or intensely focused over a pot of boiling pasta.
She can be reached at [email protected] or on IG @harinyahana.

Rohit Bhasi is a Bangalore based illustrator and graphic designer. His work is a personal interpretation of the various myths, tales and belief systems that populate his part of the world. He is also fascinated by the human body and its evolving potential for creation, beauty and storytelling. His work can be seen on instagram and facebook under the name ‘indigoranges’.


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