Mr Adamson


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Author: Urs Widmer
Translated by Donal Mclaughlin

9780857427168 | PB | pp. 184 | 2019 | Seagull Books

In this novel a man of ninety-four narrates his adventures with Mr Adamson to his daughter. Another great novel from the writer of In the Congo.

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The day is Friday, May 22, 2032. On this day, the day after his ninety-fourth birthday, a man is sitting in a beautiful garden. It is a paradise where he often played during his childhood, and it is here that he is recording the story of his adventures with Mr. Adamson. In the course of this compelling novel from Swiss author Urs Widmer, this man narrates his unusual story to his granddaughter, Anni. While he recounts his life, he is also waiting—waiting for the arrival of this very Mr. Adamson, whom he has not seen since the age of eight. Even then it was a mysterious encounter—a glimpse into realms that normally remain concealed to the living. For Mr. Adamson died at the very moment when our narrator was born, and he will soon return to escort the ninety-four-year-old narrator into another paradise. Told with Urs Widmer’s signature humor, genius, and lively imagination, Mr Adamson is a superb story and a spellbinding book. With its vitality and zest for life, it manages to hold at bay that scandal we must all face in our lives: death.


Urs Widmer
Translator: Donal Mclaughlin




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About the Contributors

The author (1938-2014) was a Swiss novelist, playwright, essayist, and short story writer and the cofounder of Verlag der Autoren, an author-owned publishing house focusing on texts related to the performing arts. His other books include The Blue Soda Siphon and My Father’s Book.

The translator has translated over 100 writers for the New Swiss Writing anthologies (2008-2011). For Seagull Books, he has translated several books by Urs Widmer as well as Abbas Khider’s The Village Indian and Monica Cantieni’s The Encyclopaedia of Good Reasons.


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