The King of the Copper Mountains


Author: Paul Biegel
Translated from the Dutch by Gillian Hume and Paul Biegel

9781782693390 | PB | pp. 188 | 2022 | Penguin

While the Wonder Doctor seeks the rare Golden Speedwell for The King of the Copper Mountains, those he meets on his journey travel to tell stories.

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Here we meet Mansolain, the King of the Copper Mountains who lives in a castle full of copper corridors and rooms. King Mansolain has been ruling for a thousand years over the animals and dwarves. He now has a long white beard which falls to his toes and lives in his castle with his only attendant, a hare, who sleeps on his beard. One day Mansolain develops a cough, and the Wonder Doctor who is sent for finds he has an irregular heartbeat, something that will lead to his death unless a potion is brewed from the Golden Speedwell. The Wonder Doctor sets off in search of the Golden Speedwell but says the only way the King will make it till he can prepare the potion is if he is told a new story every day which will delight his heart and cause it to beat regularly for a bit. The doctor promises to send someone with a story everyday.

From then on, every evening an animal knocks at the castle door, bring with them a new story to help the King. These are either their own adventures or the stories of those they know of. From a wolf who must face a witch to a beetle who dreams of living in a beautiful flower, a horse with golden shoes, a three-headed dragon who is captured, and even a dwarf who tells of the kingdom from which he comes, the King, and us, readers, are treated to a wonderful assortment of stories. All who come are given room to stay in the castle and whether lion or dragon, once there, no one causes any other any harm. Alongside we also explore different rooms in the castle (including one that is full of books and stories) with the King and also follow the Wonder Doctor on his arduous journey to secure the Golden Speedwell.

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Paul Biegel
Translated from the Dutch by Gillian Hume and Paul Biegel







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United Kingdom

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Aditi Mediratta is a scriptwriter, best known for her works in Bollywood films Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and The Dirty Picture.

Michaela Talwar is a filmmaker, art curator, budding author, and co-founder of Harkat Studios.


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