Greater than Bradman: Celebrating Sachin – The Greatest Batsman In Cricket History (EPUB)

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Author: Rudolph Lambert Fernandez

9789383175659 | EPUB | 2014 | CinnamonTeal Publishing

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman in cricket history. This book is a tribute to him. It corrects the injustice done to him by those who maintain with certitude that the crown belongs to Donald Bradman.
The word Bradman appears in every article, every book, that has anything to do with the greatest batsmen.  But for any fan of Sachin – for that matter, any fan of cricket – this book is a MUST READ.

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For close to 80 years the world has revered Donald Bradman as the greatest batsman ever while Sachin Tendulkar has been accepted merely as the greatest contemporary batsman. In this first-of-its-kind forensic study, find out why Sachin, not Bradman, is the greatest batsman of all time.

This book is unlike any other book on cricket.
It is not a biography of Sachin or Bradman. It is an unprecedented attempt to set the record straight. This book is not a compilation of interviews or cricket anecdotes.
It is a tribute to Sachin. It corrects the grave injustice done to him by those who maintain that the crown belongs to Bradman. After all, Bradman is the final frontier.
You are invited to take a closer look. See Sachin in an entirely new light – one that encourages historians, fans and critics to weigh afresh his place in cricket history.

The author says: ‘Many of the statistics I present are new. I hope I am also offering a new way of looking at their achievements, a more persistently honest way of looking at them. This book is not about Sachin being the greatest batsman in 1998 or the greatest batsman in 2010. It is about him as the greatest batsman in cricket history. So you will need to take your eyes off the TV screen playing last year’s ODI or replaying last year’s Test, to appreciate the arguments here.’

For any fan of Sachin – for that matter, any fan of cricket – this book is a MUST READ.

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About the Author

Rudolph Lambert Fernandez is an India-based writer, currently working on a non-fiction book that celebrates batting greatness in cricket.


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