Moonward®: Stories from Halahala


Author: Appupen

9788190605670 | PB | pp. 268 | 2023 | Blaft Publications

Moonward®: Stories from Halahala is a visual story, with pages after pages remaining text free. The future it presents is a simplified 1984. A book that fans of dystopic fiction would definitely not want to miss.

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Moonward®: Stories from Halahala introduces us to the fantastical universe of Halahala. A bright meteor flashes across the heavens and crashes into the primordial landscape. Life emerges from the spot where the meteor crashed. Plants and animals evolve, and within time Halahala is full of life. When a war erupts among animals, it falls upon the wise Tortle to bring peace. He tells them of a divine being called God who might invoke earthquakes and erupt volcanoes if they don’t behave themselves. He goes onto draw an image of the God on a rock.

Nana, a hungry and tired human, wanders into the village and soon realizes he is the embodiment of the image of God. The animals offer food and themselves for their God. Nana, convinced of his Godliness, replaces his hunger with pride and haughtiness. He transcends from a mere human to something larger, into a corporation.

With minions wanting to please Nana, Nana creates a terrifying new world (which eerily resembles our own).

Appupen’s Moonward® is a mirror to the world that we have created and Nana is the reflection of the corporations out to destroy the world for their profits. It starts off brilliant and is engaging throughout.

Text excerpted from Sharat Karekaatt’s review on Goodreads.

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About the Author

Appupen is a comics creator, visual artist and musician who tells stories from a mythical dimension called Halahala. Armed with a skewed vision of the world, darkly vivid art, and a satirical bite, he is a unique voice in Indian comics and comics in general.


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