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Founded by two spatial designers, Brijender Singh Dua (architect and graphic designer) and Geeta Wahi Dua (landscape architect) in February, 2001, LA Journal, a professional publication based on the subject of landscape architecture, explores the relationship of nature and culture in the realm of design, in context of Indian subcontinent. This bundle features Volumes 45-50.

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LA45 Tributes

The journal pays tribute to M.N. Buch, Charles Correa and Prabhakar B Bhagwat and Nek Chand as their colleagues and friends share thoughts and remember their contribution to the professional world. The passing away of such influential luminaries becomes a defining stage in our professional lives. The new reality of their absence from this world makes us conscious of the passage of time, a new vacuum, and we ponder to look back. We discuss the idea of nostalgia and memory in their various forms and in the ways it encourages, distracts, inspires or provoke an intellectually sensitive person in his / her creative journey. A poet feels that nostalgia is a distraction while a historian considers it, along with structured memory, as design tools. A historian thinks of the sense of history for treading in future, the past becomes an element on which hinges the moments of the present and future. We do hope that this change to the new order, at times abrupt and sudden, is able to bring better wisdom and realistic consciousness in our thoughts and efforts.

LA46 Mohammad Shaheer

The issue pays tribute to landscape architect, Mohammad Shaheer. His contribution to the field of education and practice of landscape architecture and beyond will be a guiding light for generations to come. Work profile of Anuradha Mathur and Dilip da Cunha, spread across academics and practice in University of Pennsylvania, involves the deep study of the inherent and supreme forces of nature with its processes and cultural issues. Their path breaking work of the research in nature in various contexts has been showcased in many exhibitions in India and abroad. They have co-authored many books on their areas of research. In a special feature they share thoughts on various aspects of their works and landscape architecture in general. The issue also features the Annual Students’ Design Competition based on the theme, Water – Precious in Design. Ideas and design solutions address water as a precious natural resource rather than only an element to enhance design aesthetics.

LA47 City

The issue delves on many thoughts regarding development of Indian cities in a discussion with K T Ravindran and Mohan Rao. While there is a need to forge ahead on a pace to re-infuse vibrant urban life in our crowded and polluted cities, at the same time, it is also important to take in account the aspirations of the population across the economic spectrum – those living in closed enclaves and gated communities, but also those living in resettlement colonies, low cost housings and slums, and everyone in between. Our cities need to be safe and secure across all ages as well – for our children and senior citizens and at the same time, be models of dynamism and vibrancy for our younger generation. The issue also features landscape works in public realm including an urban park in Mumbai and a religious complex at Aliyar, Tamil Nadu.

LA48 Heritage Conservation

The issue profiles features under the theme of Heritage Conservation including profiling Dr Priyaleen Singh, landscape and conservation architect, her works of restoring Rajputana Gardens in Chokelaobagh, Jodhpur and Conservation works of AKTC in India and Afganisthan. It profiles vision and works of Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation. Vladimir Djurovic,landscape architect based in Israel shares his view about nature and design in an interview with Journal.

LA49 Traditional Wisdom

The issue features an interview with Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), where she answers questions on various areas of common interest and concern with the landscape profession about nature, environment and development. The issue also includes the study of Agra presenting a perspective of looking at a city as part of a larger natural region. The feature on revival of Naubad Karez in Karnataka tries to integrate the traditional water system with the present day planning while Birkha Bawari in Rajasthan, celebrates the design vocabulary of traditional step well, using vernacular materials and traditional building techniques, in a contemporary social context of a group housing. A dilapidated quarry site located in the foothills of the mountain range of Aravalli, in the midst of an urban jungle is restored as a public park in an ecologically sensitive way – reviving the native flora. We need many such projects in urban realms, especially wastelands and dilapidated sites where along with the functional requirements, environ-mental and social parameters become an integral part of the design process. Another public park in the city adopts a completely different design expression – Nehru Park, celebrating five decades of its inception. The feature on the park researches its history, design ideas and development while mapping its documentation process.

LA50 Anniversary issue

The anniversary issue pays tribute to Anupam Mishra, the environmentalist. The issue shares views of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, a musician and Ranjit Lal, a naturalist and ornithologist, find an easy likeness with us designers, who are constantly engaged in improving the character of our art and grappling with the issues of identity, regionalism, respecting context, urbanization and living with nature. The diverse range of works and thoughts of architect artist Gautam Bhatia provokes us to look for our space in a larger framework, to think about the social relevance of our chosen path. Sharing the experiences and philosophy of the practice of m/s Prabhakar B Bhagwat is fascinating for anyone who is interested in the confluence of art and landscape design and is a source of inspiration for professionals.


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