How People Buy Online: The Psychology Behind Consumer Behaviour


Author: Seema Gupta

9789353887537 | PB | pp. 284 | 2021 | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Ever wondered what governs buying decisions of digital consumers? How People Buy Online delves into consumer psychology and behavioural economics to gives us useful insights.

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Marketers have long debated on what governs buying decisions of digital consumers. Are these decisions rational or are they driven by whims and fancies?

Human decisions are controlled more by the reptilian brain led by fear and the mammalian brain governed by emotions, rather than the neo cortex that works on rationale. Is it then possible for marketers to decode buying decisions of digital consumers and market their wares strategically in a highly competitive marketplace?

How People Buy Online proves it is possible. Not only does it break the myths about online shopping behaviour, but it also reveals some deep marketing insights for consumer engagement by delving into consumer psychology and behavioural economics. This unique intersection of marketing with psychology makes this book an absorbing read, especially for management professionals.

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Seema Gupta




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About the Author

The author is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). She specializes in digital marketing. She is an author, speaker, blogger, consultant and trainer in the field. She helps businesses drive more traffic and increase return on investment. She uploads videos on her YouTube channel @ProfSeemaGupta and writes about latest trends in digital marketing on her blog


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