Calangute: In Search of Sands


Author: Carmo D’Souza

TBD00186 | PB | pp. 152 | 1997 | Agnelo D’Souza

Calangute: In Search of Sands describes Carmo D’Souza’s thoughts on the loss of identity of his native land due to the rapid socio-economic changes.

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For a generation that has been disturbed and almost dislodged by an unprecedented shift in thought and belief, it is but natural for the individual to experience a certain erosion of his cultural space… to feel uprooted, even lost. This probably explains the emergence of an essentially sceptical attitude in our times coupled with a questioning approach.

No one can turn their eye to the rapid socio-economic changes — particularly, in a small, urbanized place like Goa which has prided itself for centuries on its tenacious cultural longevity and equable ethno-social temper, the feeling that something priceless is fast slipping out of one’s fingers is acutely painful. It is an agonizing reminder that Goa is no longer the idyllic “shangri-la” of feudal grandeur and pastoral beauty of yore celebrated in lore and legend.

Calangute: In Search of Sands is like a breathtaking exploratory journey, at once illuminating and satisfying. It entails the mapping of the knowable today with the trappings of a known yesterday with the accuracy of history, pungency of reality and lucidity of poetry. With a sociographer’s uncanny sense Carmo takes the reader around on a guided tour of fact, fiction, custom, ritual, legend and mystery that is Calangute. It remains to the end the same enchanting land even after an objective assessment of its present ills and likely ailments is undertaken.In Search of Sands

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Carmo D'Souza





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Agnelo D'Souza





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About the Author

Carmo D’Souza, a retired professor of law, and presently in the Board of Directors of Ismilda Research Consultancy, worked in the educational field for around four decades. His contact with students enabled him to develop insights into the Goan community. He has authored half a dozen books in law and a similar number in fiction.


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