MARG Volume 67 Number 1


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Authors: Various
Edited by Monisha Ahmed, Naman P. Ahuja, Jyotindra Jain

PB | pp. 120 | 2015 | Marg

MARG Volume 67 Number 1 discusses book art, colour and its cultural significance, the human side of war, Kashmir’s artistic contributions to the world and a digitally consolidated Ramayana manuscript feature here.

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This issue of Marg looks at new emerging fields in contemporary art. Colour and its cultural significance, its play on identity and mental states is widely acknowledged. Here, Natasha Eaton discusses the significance of the colour “Blue” and its association with politics and a sinister colonial past. Amit Kumar Jain and Ruhanie Perera explore the emerging field of “Book Art” in the subcontinent. Still in its nascent stage the field is growing as artists look at—and to—books for new interpretations as an art form.

Images of war and conflict from around the world constantly assault us, leaving us numb. The photographs of Baptist Coelho, a mixed-media artist, show a different, more human side of war, exploring the role of the soldier as a vulnerable human rather than a war machine. Janice Pariat discusses his work and how he became engaged with depictions of the frailty of war and its implications. Closer to home, the work of Mumbai-born artist Siona Benjamin is discussed by Ori Soltes. He examines how through it Siona bridges the various worlds she encounters in her life, simultaneously reflecting on her Jewish background and drawing from her experiences. This athematic issue also discusses other interesting topics.

This issue also features a thematic ad portfolio celebrating the life of Ebrahim Alkazi, renowned for his contributions to theatre and visual arts.


Editors: Monisha Ahmed, Naman P. Ahuja, Jyotindra Jain





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Volume 67, Number 1



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