The Indus Script Deciphered


Author: M M Maathrm

9789353824297 | HB | pp. 264 | 2019 | M. Manoharan

The Indus Script Deciphered is an attempt to decipher the Indus Valley civilisation script based on the Dravidian hypothesis.

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“Indus Script Deciphered” is a research oriented work on the unravelling of the Indus Script and its inherent essence. The Indus Script, that till date believed to be undeciphered, escaping the scrutiny of thousands of researchers, for a period spanning 150 years. This book takes the reader through a step by step method of unravelling this Indus Script mystery.

At a glance, one can say that this Indus Script is Vocal Tamil having phonetic values for strokes and strokes combining to form words and sentences. The seals are primarily Calendar Information and in a small way can be termed as the forerunner of the Hindu Calendar System. The names of the English numbers One and Eight appear to have been picked up from this Indus Number System. Numbers One and Eight appear to be the standard number base in the Indus Number System.

Certain Customs and Traditions practiced during the Indus Times continue to be practiced even today in India, of course with some minor alterations. Lord Shiva was the ruling deity, referred to as Pachaiappan (Lord of the Greenery/Nature). The Swastika Symbol expressed the position of the Sun.


The Indus Script Deciphered




M. Manoharan





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About the Author

M.M. Maathrm, otherwise, known as M. Manoharan has been employed at various Print Media establishments in their sales Department spanning a period of over thirty five years in various capacities. M. M. Maathrm is blessed with a devoted wife, a beloved daughter and son who are bound to finish their college studies soon. Research in Indus Script had been a hobby more as a past time passion towards unravelling the mystery, but actual getting down to studying about it commenced sometime during 2005. M.M. Maathrm worked for Fountain Ink Broadcasting & Publishing Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, where he headed the Sales Department, while benefitting from the patronage of the establishment heads.


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