Kannada Theatre History 1850-1950 : A Sourcebook


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Author: Akshara K V, B R Venkataramana Aithala and Deepa Ganesh

9789382460848 | PB | pp. 280 | 2018 | Manipal Universal Press

This source book on Kannada theatre history is a valuable contribution to the larger field of Indian Theatre Studies. Avoiding the shortcuts of an overview or a Wikipedia-like assemblage of information, it delves into the lives, histories, struggles, debates and anecdotes surrounding some of the most pioneering figures in the shaping of Kannada theatre between 1850-1950.

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The present volume has compiled excerpts from a range of writings on theatre that give the reader a view of the varied modes of thinking. They are arranged into six sections, apart from a photo essay. It is not intended to be a history book, but a sourcebook that can lead to a more comprehensive account of Kannada theatre history, or complement the existing history books. Most of the writings in this volume are appearing in English for the first time. The book hopes to be of value to experts as well as theatre practitioners to understand the varied and nuanced narratives within what is normally put together as the history of modern Kannada Theatre.


Akshara K V, B R Venkataramana Aithala and Deepa Ganesh




Munipal Universal Press





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Book by Akshara K V, B R Venkataramana Aithala and Deepa Ganesh.


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