Socio Cultural History of Goa: From Bhojas to Vijayanagar (HB)


Author: V R Mitragotri

HB | pp. 328 | 1999 | Institute Menezes Braganza

Socio Cultural History of Goa by Dr. V. R. Mitragotri is a thesis that covers 4th to 15th century Goa — the period from the Bhojas to Vijayanagar.

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Socio Cultural History of Goa: From Bhojas to Vijayanagar is the Ph. D. thesis of Dr. V. R. Mitragotri. Many books on Pre-Portuguese history were written by some scholars but these books lacked proper research methodology and comprehensiveness. Some books were written particularly on the Kadamba dynasty. There was a need to explore the socio-cultural dimensions of ancient history of Goa. The author has chosen a period extending from 4th century to 15th century which covers dynasties from Bhojas to Vijaynagar. This book has highlighted different aspects of the socio-cultural history of Goa. The author with his high academic background and rich experience in research work has presented authenticated account of different aspect like communities customs, traditions, sculpture, education, local deities, status of women etc. The book has exploded certain myths that the saraswats had brought the Konkani language to Goa. The author is of the opinion that Konkani, in Prakrit form was spoken in Goa before the arrival of the saraswats. The author has dispelled the illusion harboured by some scholars that Goa has no culture identity.

The author has made adequate use of iconography in order to substantiate his contentions. He has emphasized the vital point that Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh have always shared common traditions and customs. The author has provided adequate raw material for the aspirants who would like to undertake research work in the same arena.

The author arrives at an inference that the ancient culture of Goa was an integral part of Indian cultural heritage.

Konkani language has been influenced by Marathi whereas Karnataka has profoundly influenced many of the traditions prevailing in Goa. This book is a beautiful blend of scholarship and simplicity. It is of interest to scholars in particular and lovers of history in general.

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About the Author

Shri Vithal Raghavendra Mitragotri was born on 16th August, 1942 in Telagi, a small village in Karnataka. He did his earlier schooling in Bijapur, matriculation to post graduation in Mumbai. He completed his M.A. in History in the year 1968 from Bombay Univesity and M.A. in Archaeology from Deccan College. And later on shifted to K. J. Somaiya College in Mumbai.

But the hard-core archaeologist in him brought him to Goa, as an Assistant Superintending Archaeologist in the goverment archives. Within a short span he established himself as an esteemed archaeologist in the archives. He was encouraged by the then Chief Minister Shri Pratap Sing Rane to take up the task of establishing pre-portuguese historical and archaeological , Reserach on Goa. Dr. Mitragotri Is known nationally and internationally through his scholastic contributions in the field of archaeology. He has to his credit several research papers published nationally and internationally. He completed his Ph. D. from Goa University in the year 1994. He was a member of various professional Organisations and institutions in the field of history and archaeology. His research is regarded by scholars as a milestone in this field.


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