Diary of a Servant


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Author: Auda Viegas

9781291777062 | PB | pp. 186 | 2014 | Bailancho Ekvot

In Diary of a Servant the author describes reality of women and victims of abuse in Goa. That one should be a servant for their liberation is a central theme.

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9781291777062 | Paperback | 186 | 2014 | Bailancho Ekvot

In Diary of a Servant the author describes reality of women and victims of abuse in Goa. That one should be a servant for their liberation is a central theme.

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This book is a primary and first hand documentation on the abuse and injustice perpetrated on women and children. This diary shares the reality of the Participant from the field and hence reflects empathy as Opposed to lip service. These rue stories are meant to counsel not only the victims of abuse but also activists who are committed to work for seeking justice to wounded women and children.

Brand Goa is known internationally for sun, sand and swaying palms. Goans are celebrated for their hospitality, social integration and friendly nature thus it comes as a rude shock to those browsing the tales of battered women and sexually abused children and it seems unthinkable that rape and abuse is common in Goa, but that is the naked reality.

This book informs the reader that the laws currently in place are neither providing justice nor resulting in the empowerment of women and children. Real proof, hard evidence and solid witnesses are difficult for courts to access. It is not easy for victims to draft or file complaints or grievances before authorities and even if it were, there is the ‘image’ of the victim and the family to protect as well as the contradiction that society expects the victim to keep quiet, so as not to smear the abuser’s ‘good name’. Witnesses becoming hostile toward the victim are commonplace, further traumatising the victim. Threats to keep silent, alongside social and family pressures are major roadblocks in the fight for justice. This diary provides the reader with lessons in negotiating such hurdles whilst maintaining high levels of motivation for this cause.


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About the Author

Auda Viegas was born on the 19th December in a small village called Cuncolim in the southern part of the Indian State of Goa. She grew up during a time of sweeping social change. It was the period of Gandhiji's historic 'Quit India' movement that swept through the entire country challenging British colonial rule and later in 1961, the oppression of Portuguese bondage would be swept away. Goa's freedom movement led to India's annexation of Goa. With these seismic political changes came a new vision of women's rights, looking to challenge the prevailing view that men should be seen as the dominant force and women treated as confined to the kitchen. Auda embraced the cause of justice for women. She has a Bachelor Degree in English and Psychology, B.Ed. in History & English, an M.A. in English and Aesthetics, an M.A. in English and American Literature and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Women and Children. She began her working life as a teacher before becoming a social worker. Her passion is to alleviate the pain and suffering of abused women and children who have been cast out by Goan society. In 1992 she gave birth to Bailancho Ekvott (Women Together), Now her name is well known throughout Goa and India.


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