Rajhauns Konkani-English Illustrated Dictionary: Vol 2


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Authors: Mukesh P Thali, Damodar K Ghanekar, Suresh J Borkar

8178101947 | PB | pp. 376+viii | 2001 | Rajhauns Vitaran

The second volume of Rajhauns Konkani-English Illustrated Dictionary expands on the first to include more words and definitions.

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The Liberation of Goa brought a message to Goans: they should run their own affairs. Under the Portuguese rule they were habituated to life supported by others. Liberation, however, has created, thoughts slowly, of a sense of self-esteem and made them realise that they are masters of their own destiny.

No proud people will ever allow its land to be administered in a foreign language. No matter how strong and wide he influence of English is over the world today, there is one area where we must not make a compromise. That area is administration. It has to run in Konkani and under no circumstances English should be allowed to have any say in it.

One however must be realistic about the importance of English in our lives. It has been noticed that large sections of people in Goa, though learning through English, struggle to acquire it. It is the authors hope that this dictionary will help bridge the gap.


Mukesh P Thali, Damodar K Ghanekar, Suresh J Borkar




Rajhauns Vitaran





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