The Illustrated Ramayana: The timeless epic of duty, love, and redemption


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Author: Dr. Bibek Debroy

9789388372473 | HB | pp. 392 | 2020 | Dorling Kindersley

The Illustrated Ramayana tells the story of Rama an exiled prince who battles evil in order to rescue his wife. In his journey he displays many good values.

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The story of Rama, the exiled prince of Ayodhya who battles the evil Ravana, the king of Lanka, and rescues his abducted wife, Sita, is about much more than the eternal battle of good versus evil. It is a tale of love, friendship, loyalty, devotion, righteousness, and deliverance.

Ramayana and Rama, whose journey is told in the epic, are embedded in India’s cultural consciousness, but at the same time they transcend borders. Various versions of the Ramayana can be found across the Indian subcontinent and in parts of southeast Asia.

This book draws from one of the earliest composers of the Ramayana — the celebrated sage and poet Valmiki. It uses a combination of text and stunning images drawn from a variety of sources ? from historic and contemporary artefacts, paintings, photographs, and performances ? to tell Rama’s story, as he walks the path that destiny creates for him.







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