Regenerating the Soil


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Author: Claude Bourguignon

8185569681 | PB | pp. 188 | 2005 | Other India Press

Regenerating the Soil describes how to raise plants in a sustainable, natural way.

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In this stunning new book on the raising of plants, Claude Bourguignon systematically shatters modern farming’s increasingly unnatural and unsustainable theories of agriculture — rooted and reflected in the extensive use of industrially generated synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

In the grand vision of productive farming that he proposes — sketched out with painstaking detail and argument — Bourguignon restores the primacy of the ancient truth that soils are inherently alive, and that only living soils will support an agriculture of permanence, an agriculture with a future.

Basing his theories on an amazing set of discoveries resulting from close observation of nature (including the Amazon forests), termites, earthworms and microbes, and from working with soils and plants in different countries and zones, Bourguignon demonstrates how a living soil actually conducts itself and how it can also be made to work its wonders without chemical stimulants of any kind. He also provides reasons why chemicals perform — but always in the short term — and why they eventually kill the soil and render it sterile.

Regenerating the Soil is an amazing personal testament. It will become the new bible of the organic and natural farming movements and will hopefully lead to the eventual decline and permanent eclipse of the chemical way of farming that has been responsible for large-scale devastation of the earth and its living environment over the past several decades.


Claude Bourguignon





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About the Author

Claude Bourguignon, born in France in 1951, is an agricultural engineer and holds doctorates in biology and biochemistry. He was a researcher at INRA, the National Institute of Agricultural Research in France, for ten years. At present he and his wife Lydia run the Laboratory for Microbiological Soil Analysis in France.


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