Happiness at Work: Mindfulness, Analysis and Well-being


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Authors: R. Anand

9789352808052 | PB | pp. 232 | 2018 | SAGE Response

This book provides various tools and techniques to increase your happiness.

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Happiness at Work: Mindfulness, Analysis and Well-being tells you what to apply, how to apply and why it works. It is utterly simplistic to wish away external stressors. However, are you taking the best decisions about them? Everyone gets some of their decisions wrong, aver the behavioral economists, as universal distortions are always at work. We can deploy some decision-making paradigms to minimize these distortions. We are beset with individual distortions too, as we are wired with certain tendencies and default modes. As soon as you understand the source and dynamics of these individual distortions, you would begin to heal. Your everyday errors, interpersonal interactions, nighttime dreams and body language, all give useful clues to this wiring. On top of this insight, you can build a fine temperament of mindfulness about your body, mind and interactions as well as your entire life. This would lead to peak emotional and mental wellness. Even as professionals leading busy lives, you would see the signs of progress yourself, in weeks and months. This is what ‘happiness at work’ is all about.


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About the Author

The author is a practising HR leader with about two decades of experience. His keen study of human psychology and decision-making as well as his experience in counselling and developing hundreds of executives and thousands of professionals have been focused to answer this single question – can regular professionals like us attain happiness? He believes that not a dogmatic approach but a scientific approach to this question would help us achieve this.


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