Rewriting My Happily Ever After: A Memoir of Divorce and Discovery

Author: Ranjani Rao

9781734063196 | PB | pp. 300 | 2021 | Story Artisan Press

Rewriting My Happily Ever After by Ranjani Rao is an evocative, honest account of the aftermath of divorce in an unsupportive culture.

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Once I leave my husband’s house, am I still a wife?

What happens when the fairy tale marriage falls apart?

Ranjani flies out of Mumbai as a young, starry-eyed bride anticipating an American-style Bollywood-version of her very own happily-ever-after. By thirty, she has a Ph.D., a green card and a daughter. The marriage is rocky but Ranjani is secure in being somebody’s daughter, sister, wife, mother.When the family returns to India, her family situation deteriorates further. When she finally walks out after sixteen years of marriage, Ranjani has to answer the dreaded questions:

What will people say?
What about my child?
How will I live alone?

Despite her education, work history and experience of living abroad, Ranjani has no idea what lies on the road ahead for her, for her daughter and for their place in society.While renting a house, paying the bills and figuring out her new life, Ranjani has to overcome private fears, public scrutiny and unexpected loss as she embraces her identity as a single parent.

If you are..

★ Considering

★ Going through or

★ Are finding your way after a divorce in a culture that is not supportive…

This book is for you.

It is possible to walk the path you have been assigned with gratitude and forgiveness, courage and grace, humility and confidence, without falling apart.Rewriting My Happily Ever After is an evocative, honest account of the aftermath of divorce in an unsupportive culture. This uplifting memoir of grace and courage shows how to build resilience and find happiness by being true to yourself.

Read this book and rewrite YOUR happily ever after.

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About the Author

Ranjani Rao is a trained scientist, a self-taught writer, yoga practitioner, and lifelong learner committed to an apprenticeship in observation. Originally from Mumbai, she spent her early adult life in the USA where she first began writing. Her fiction and non-fiction writing are inspired by her life in three countries and travels to thirty.Her work has appeared in several print and digital publications in the USA, India and Singapore. Her essay titled, The Girl With The Red Dot, originally published on was chosen for inclusion in the Thomson Reader, a college-level English textbook.She is the author of three books, a regular columnist for India Currents, an Indian-American magazine and The Straits Times, Singapore.Ranjani lives with her family in Singapore. When not working or tackling the unread pile of books by her bedside, she goes for long walks in the nature reserve behind her home. She returns with either new ideas or pictures of wildlife that she shares on social media, much to the embarrassment of her children.


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