Roses in the Fire of Spring


Authors: M.S ‘Viru’ Viraraghavan and Girija Viraraghavan

9789358136425 | HC | pp. 358 | 2023 | Running Head Books

Roses in the Fire of Spring by M.S ‘Viru’ Viraraghavan and Girija Viraraghavan takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of rose hybridization and the remarkable efforts of the Viraraghavans to create roses that are better suited for a rapidly changing world. It is a memoir, a travelogue, and a guide to the future possibilities of rose breeding all in one!

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Roses in the Fire of Spring: Better Roses for a Warming World & Other Garden Adventures by M.S ‘Viru’ Viraraghavan and Girija Viraraghavan is an engaging and informative book that chronicles the incredible journey of the Viraraghavan family, who are renowned rose hybridizers. The book provides a fascinating insight into the world of rose breeding and the challenges of creating new varieties that are better adapted to a changing climate.

The book takes readers on a journey of possibilities through different parts of the world, including China, subtropical Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, where the Viraraghavans explore new possibilities for rose breeding. Along the way, they encounter different cultures, traditions, and approaches to horticulture, which inform their own work and broaden their understanding of the world.

As a memoir and travelogue, Roses in the Fire of Spring is a rich and engaging read. But it is also much more than that. The book also presents a comprehensive guide to the future possibilities of rose breeding, with detailed information on different rose varieties, their characteristics, and their suitability for different climates and growing conditions.

Throughout the book, the Viraraghavans share their insights and expertise, gained over decades of experience in the field of rose breeding. Their passion for their work shines through on every page, making Roses in the Fire of Spring an inspiring and informative read for anyone interested in horticulture, botany, or the natural world.

Overall, Roses in the Fire of Spring is a must-have for hobbyists, garden enthusiasts and professional plant hybridizers alike- for that matter, anyone concerned about the fragile environment of our planet.

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M.S 'Viru' Viraraghavan Girija Viraraghavan







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Running Head Books





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About the Authors

M.S ‘Viru’ Viraraghavan is a breeder, working with 2 Indian species, R.clinophylla and R. gigantea , to create ‘Evergreen’ warm climate roses.

Girija is researching the rose’s history in India, and together they are endeavouring to put India on the rose map of the world.


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