A Time To Burnish


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Author: Radhika Nathan

9789385523915 | Paperback | pp.282 | 2016 | Kiwi Books

The book A Time To Burnish recite a story of the little homeless girl, who has been encountered on the streets, hoping to find a safe place.

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“Not too long before we can get as many of them 3-D printed.”

That pretty much sums up Josh Winslow’s feelings about classic artifacts. As a man of science and technology, he couldn’t care less about old bronze idols. Unfortunately, his brother Tom has just made one such idol his problem.

Vidya Thyagarajan, a young banker from Chennai, didn’t expect to chase the origins of old idols either. But her friend Tom has just entangled her in one such chase.

Along with Vidya, Josh reluctantly embarks on a journey to India to track the origins of a Chola bronze idol. Through the urban maze of Chennai, dusty roads of small towns in deep Chola territory, they discover clues that confounds them every step of the way.

During a short span of a week, the quest quickly becomes personal as the shadow of the past challenges their outlook toward life and love.


Radhika Nathan




Kiwi Books





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About the Author

Radhika Nathan believes in the miracle of words and the rain. Her favorite pastimes include reading, listening to podcasts, and gazing at monsoon clouds. Writing forces her to think and re-examine a point of view or a preconceived notion. Post her debut novel The Mute Anklet, a historical romance with a dash of mystery, Radhika examines the intersection of art, romance, and mystery in A Time To Burnish.


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